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Honeywell Digital Firearm Approved All Steel Security Safe (0.31 cubic feet)

Rp 2,400,000

This Honeywell 5101DOJ is a DOJ approved firearms storage device and features a 0.31 Cubic Feet Storage Capacity, Programmable Digital Lock, Bolt Down Capabilities. The Honeywell safe product line provides safety and security for your essential documents and most valuable possessions while affording you the peace of mind that comes from being prepared in the event of a disaster, fire, or an invasion of your home or office. This particular model is perfect to lock up prescription medications for safety, or hold your passport and any other important papers.


•    Programmable electronic lock

•    Small steel security safe

•    Concealed hinges

•    Recessed door

•    Two live locking door bolts

•    Black scratch resistant powder coated exterior

•    Mounting holes and hardware kit included


  • Capacity :   .31 cu. ft.

  • Inside Dimensions :   7.7" H x 12" W x 6.8" D

  • Outside Dimensions:   7.9" H x 12.2" W x 8.1" D

  • Product Weight :  14.9 lbs

  • Shipping Weight :   14.9 lbs

  • Security :   Digital lock

Barska Biometric Safe with Fingerprint Lock

Rp 7,700,000

The Barska Biometric Safe sets the standard for biometric security technology, allowing you to safely store your valuables while having the ability to access them quickly with the touch of a fingerprint. The Barska Biometric Safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints, and the advanced bio-technology will only recognize the prints that have been programmed into the safe. The Barska Biometric Safe is the perfect storage solution for small electronics, firearms, jewelry, medicines, and important documents. This safe has been approved by the CA DOJ and can be used as a quick access biometric gun safe.



  • Model #   AX11224

  • Body Material   Steel

  • Weight   25 lbs.

  • Included Accessories   Inner floor mat, set of emergency

  • back-up keys, mounting hardware

  • and batteries

  • Outer Size   16.5

  • Inner Size   16.25

  • Fingerprint Memory   30

  • Secondary Access   2 Back-Up Keys

  • Locking System   Motorized deadbolt lock

  • Fireproof   No

  • Door Thickness   3/16

  • Body Thickness   1/16

  • Batteries   4 AA

Barska Hidden Dictionary Book Lock Box Safe - AX11680

RP 2,120,000

The Hidden Dictionary Lock Box by Barska features a solid steel construction in a compact lightweight design.

This compact lock box is disguised to appear like a normal hard back English dictionary, but opening the front cover reveals a lockable steel compartment. The exterior cover of the Hidden Dictionary Lock Box is made of real paper, allowing it to blend in easily with other books.


This strong and compact steel safe is ideal for safely storing money, passports, jewelry, and more!

This unique diversion lock box allows you to hide valuables inside a commonly found item in a home. Hidden in this lock box is a solid steel safe in a compact lightweight design. Because the diversion lock box look so real they easily blend into the surroundings of a home or office. No one but you will ever know that this everyday plain objects is really a lock box in disguise. Valuables can be hidden secretly inside this look-a-like diversion lock box and kept in it's seemingly rightful place.


Ideal for safely storing small valuables such as money, passports and jewelry

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