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Commercial Motor, Pump and Accessories

We are your source supplier for pump parts, in-house and outside service/repair.

We also distribute and sell over from any premier pump and motor brands, Asian and European manufacturers’ products including accessories.

Horizontal   multistage   centrifugal   electric   pumps   in   AISI   304   stainless steel

• Strong and compact construction
• Available in various versions and models
• WRAS approval for the standard version (up to +85°C)

• Industrial washing
• Pressure boosting units
• Industrial plants
• Distribution and treatment of water
• Heating and air conditioning
• Cooling and chiller
• Irrigation
• Recovery of rain water

The Ebara EVM vertical multistage pumps offer technically advanced designs to meet market demands, and feature the use of IEC standard motors, and inbuilt thrust bearing.

Stainless steel components are of high quality, and the unique bulge forming process produces rugged construction with increased wall thickness and assures component integrity.

Ebara’s robust construction extends to critical internal components such as the impellers and intermediate casings. With other features including self aligning liner rings, square edged spline shaft, and tungsten carbide lower bearings, the result is a product of exceptional quality and reliability.

Applications –

• Industrial, commercial and agricultural applications
• Water treatment plants (reverse osmosis, filtration)
• Boiler feed – Irrigation systems – Fire fighting
• Pumping of hot or cold water for HVAC systems
• General Water


• Versatile
• They can be used in fixed or mobile installations
• Equipped with 10 m of H07 RN-F power supply cable
• Available with or without float

• Moving seepage water
• Draining cellars, garages and basements
• Draining small to medium cellars


Pump and Motor genuine spare parts

Please let us know for the parts that you're need. We will offer you with genuine parts.

• Impeller
• Shaft seal
• O-Ring
• Motor bracket
• Coupling
• etc


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