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PRO SIGNAL PSG03323 Audio / Video Cable Assembly, DVI-D (Dual Link) Plug, Black

Rp 25,000 /pack

Product Overview

  •   DVI-D dual link plug to plug lead

  •   OFC cable with ferrite suppressors

  •   Moulded plastic plugs with thumb screws

  •   Gold plated contacts



  • Cable Length - Metric: 1m

  • Connector Type A: DVI-D (Dual Link) Plug

  • Connector Type B: DVI-D (Dual Link) Plug

  • Jacket Colour: Black


Rp 810,000 /pack

Product Specifications:

  •   External Diameter: 2.2mm

  •   Jacket Colour: Black

  •   Jacket Material: PE

  •   No. of Fibres: 1

  •   Reel Length (Metric): 25m

AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES HFBR-RUS100Z Fibre Optic Cable, Versatile Link

Rp 1,380,000/pack

Product Specifications:

The HFBR-RXXYYYZ series from Avago are standard attenuation plastic optical fibre cables. These cables are constructed from single step index fibre sheathed in a black polyethylene jacket. The duplex fibre consists of two simplex fibres joined with a zipcord web. The HFBR-RXXYYYZ series cable complies with UL VW-1 flame retardant specification (UL E89328). These are available in unconnected or connected options.


  •   Compatible with Avago Versatile Link family of connectors and fibre optic components

  •   Operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C

  •   Tensile force of 50N for single channel and 100N for dual channel

  •   Maximum external diameter is 2.27mm

  •   Available in wide range of reel lengths

  •   0.27dB/m cable attenuation



Industrial; Automation & Process Control; Communications & Networking; Medical; Imaging, Video & Vision

FIBRE DATA  FDPF 4001 EH  Fibre Optic Cable, Simplex

Rp 1,100,000/pack

The FDPF 4001 EH is a 20m 1-core simplex Fibre Optic Cable made of polyethylene jacket. It has large core diameter and high numerical aperture provide highly efficient coupling to inexpensive visible LEDs.


  •   Compatible with a wide range of OMC connectors and components

  •   -0.15dB/m Attenuation

  •   17m Minimum bend radius

  •   1000µ/2.2mm Fibre/jacket diameter



Signal Processing; Imaging, Video & Vision; Industrial

ALPHA WIRE 9178B CL005 Coaxial Cable,

RP 632,000/pack

Product Spesification:

  • Coaxial Cable Type: RG178B

  • Conductor Area CSA: 0.06mm²

  • Conductor Material: Tinned Copper

  • External Diameter: 1.8mm

  • Impedance: 50ohm

  • Jacket Colour: Natural

  • Jacket Material: FEP

  • No. of Max Strands x Strand Size: 7 x 0.1mm

  • Reel Length (Imperial): 100ft

  • Reel Length (Metric): 30.5m

  • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

  • Wire Gauge: 30AWG

AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES HFBR-RLS010Z Fibre Optic Cable, Versatile Link

Rp 337,300

Product Features:

The HFBR-RLS010Z is a 10m black simplex latching Fibre Optic Cable, standard attenuation POF. The HFBR-RXXYYYZ series of plastic fibre optic cable is constructed of a single step-index fibre sheathed in a polyethylene jacket.


  •   Compatible with Avago versatile link family of connectors and fibre optic components

  •   0.22dB/m Typical attenuation

  •   0.46 to 0.50 Numerical aperture

  •   2.2mm Typical jacket



Automation & Process Control; Industrial; Computers & Computer Peripherals; Communications & Networking; Imaging, Video & Vision


Start from Rp 950,000/pcs


  • Connection Type: Wire Leaded

  • Lens Diameter: 51mm

  • Module Lens Colour: Amber, Green, Red

  • No. of Stacks / Tiers: 3

  • Supply Voltage V AC: 120V

  • Visual Signal Type: Steady


Start from Rp 680,000/pcs

The 2744416 is a 2-channel Interface Converter for converting RS-232 (V.24) to RS-422 (V.11) and RS-485 with electrical isolation. The converter comes with pluggable screw connection terminals and data direction switching is control by automatic or via RTS/CTS.


  •     RS-422 4-wire Point-to-point Operation

  •     RS-485 2-wire Operation, Half Duplex

  •     RS-485 4-wire Operation, Full Duplex

  •     Automatic RS-485 Transmit/Receive Changeover

  •     Transmission Speed of 4.8 to 115.2kbps

  •     Integrated Data Indicator for Dynamic Indication of Transmit and Receive Data

    3-way Isolation between Power Supply RS-232 RS-422/RS-485 for Safe Decoupling of Potentials with 2kV

    Integrated Surge Protection with Transient Discharge to the DIN Rail



Power Management

PHOENIX CONTACT PT1,5/2-5.0-H Wire-To-Board Terminal Block 2, 300 V, 10 A

Start from Rp 12,000/pcs

The PT1,5/2-5.0-H is a 2-position green horizontal PCB Terminal Block with tin-plated solder contacts, a polyamide insulator and the M2.6 screw connection. This 1935161 terminal block has fully developed contact geometries and surfaces. Connection of a 1.5mm² conductor with ferrule, then however with reduction in rated voltage or pollution degree/surge category. It accepts 26 to 16AWG wire range.


    Large terminal block capacity thanks to rectangular clamping space

    Rugged version with high current carrying capacity

    Highly flexible conductor protection for easy, repeated connection

    Plus/minus screw

    5mm Stripping length

    UL94V-0 Flammability rating


PHOENIX CONTACT  3044636  DIN Rail Mount Terminal Block, 4, 500 V, 24 A

Rp 62,000

The 3044636 is a 4-position double-level DIN rail Terminal Block with PA insulator and grey color. 0.14 to 4mm² cross-section, 26 to 12AWG wire size and 5.2mm width. NS 35/7, 5, NS 35/15 mounting type and screw connection method. In case of a 4mm² conductor cross-section, the maximum load current must not be exceeded by the total current of all connected conductors. Since there are two function shafts per level, all potential distribution tasks can be implemented quickly. As an option, the levels can be connected using the FBS‑PV UT vertical bridge.

For a clear overview, each terminal point supports large-surface labelling. For example, two separate potentials can by routed side by side with the help of bridging between non-adjacent terminal blocks.

  • UL94V-0 Flammability rating

  • 6kV Rated surge voltage

  • 28A Current

  • Half-sine shock form


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