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Cutting Machine

Plasma, Oxy-fuel, Drill & Marking System


The Magician is a small footprint multi-torch cutting machine designed to deliver precision, high definition plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and drilling.


The Magician is one of the thoroughbreds of the Farley stable and achieves its accuracy and high productivity by utilizing single piece fabricated beam construction, which eliminates all bolted joints. Combined with twin side-drive through high precision planetary gear boxes, the result is a machine light enough to achieve plasma profiling speeds of up to 20m/min yet retaining the rigidity to accept up to 6 torches for multi-torch plate cutting of 150mm thick material, and also a drilling head with eight BT 30 tools.



  • Low Rails for Rigidity & Higher Productivity;

  • The low level rail construction improves accuracy and stability while reducing the chances of damage from swinging loads on cranes and forklifts;

  • Low rails improve operator access, speed up loading and unloading and reducing potential safety problems;

  • Combination Drives for Greater Accuracy;

  • AC servo drives and planetary gearboxes provide the torque and resolution necessary to ensure accurate position through the life of the machine ;

  • The drive system ensures high stiffness essential for accuracy, minimal backlash and easy adjustment;

  • Optimum acceleration is ensured through the uses of Siemens AC motors;

  • Twin drive system ensures torch accuracy;

  • New BT30 Drill Head;

  • BT30 tool holder, accommodating 8 tools;

  • Drilling capacity 25mm;

  • Torch Carriage versatility;

  • The rack& pinion primary torch carriage can be fitted with up to three lifters, to accommodate the plasma torch, oxy-fuel torch, marker and centre drill;

  • Up to three additional slave torch carriages can be fitted. These are driven by the primary torch carriage by a stainless steel band and can be configured for various tools;

  • Farley PDF TS Control;

  • The PDF TS 32-bit CNC system with user-friendly interface & large 17" TFT touch screen for control, accuracy & diagnostics.


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