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DF3015Plus Laser Cutting Machine



The DF3015Plus laser cutting machine by Farley Laserlab adopts a gantry-motion structure, linear guide and screw drive, AC servo motor and drives, dual-side fume extraction system that delivers high performance laser cutting quality by equipping with a world leading RAYCUS-1000W fiber laser source. Not only it is highly recommend for carbon steel cutting, but also excellent for SS plate, aluminum alloy plate and copper plate cutting.



  • DF3015Plus laser cutting machine adopts traveling gantry structure, linear guide, screw drive and Ac servo motor, which has bilateral vacuum system and change-table system.

  • The processing scale is 3000mm*1500mm. 

  • This equipment has advanced design and stable performance. Key components adopt world brand. Professional CNC laser cutting system has high integration, precise control and stable operation. 

  • Besides, it is equipped with world-class fiber laser source, which offers excellent cutting effect and meets different cutting requirement of carbon steel, stainless steel etc.. 

  • Gantry dual-traveling structure includes basic components such as lathe bed, beam, which can fulfill automatical processing though controlling system. Design and manufacture of beam device influence processing quality. 

  • During processing, when the beam moves, stability and flexibility should be both ensured to keep excellent processing quality and processing speed. Farley Laserlab adopts professional CNC laser cutting system, which has excellent reliability and stability.


Functions of DF3015Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:


  • Marking on plate and then cutting it

  • Expert databese allowing for quick change over between jobs, minimizing operator interactions, by automatically setting cutting parameters through the CNC 

  • Jumping mode to enhance cutting effectiveness 

  • Quick response Capacitive height control 

  • Re-trace mode allows for the operator to control the cutting process if a cutting error occurs 

  • Dynamic corning conrol allows the CNC to ramp the power and gases to maximize cutting performance in corners and tight contours 

  • Laser piercing adjustable slope function to improve the piercing quality Line/Circle complement and kerf compensate function 

  • Fly-piercing function for thin plates:non-stop cutting which dramatically improves the cutting effeciency 

  • Automatic plate edge detecting function for faster setup.

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