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Abracs are proud to supply only the highest quality abrasive Cutting Discs. There is a disc available for use on virtually on all materials and applications including mild steel, stone and building materials, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and foundry materials. All Abracs discs are subject to stringent quality control procedures and meet all required safety standards.


"Abracs Assured" guarantees every Cutting disc will meet exceptional quality guidelines. Here are a few of our guarantees:


•    Excellent service life

•    Consistent stock removal

•    Avaliable from low to high speed

•    Manufactured using premium raw materials

•    High end quality for the highest demands

•    Discs suitable for virtually all materials, applications and industries

•    Professional performance

•    Recognised and respected brand



Metal & Stone Cutting Discs : Phoenix II


Abracs's Phoenix II Cutting  Discs are a popular abrasive due to their superior quality.

Phoenix II abrasives are a European manufactured range of discs and are perfect for cutting stone

and cutting metal. Phoenix II discs are produced to O.S.A.

Safety standards and marked with EN12413.

Manufactured using premium quality materials, Phoenix II discs offer professional performance,

long life and excellent value. 



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