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Urrea Impact/Ratchet Socket



Impact sockets are tools that allow you to tighten or loosen nuts, bolts and other fastening elements in situations where you need to apply greater torque force or pressure than what is possible with hand accessories. these are frequently used with power tools. Their attachment side has a hexagonal shape. Impact sockets are particulary useful in applications where the fastening elements are located in cavities or places where a strike or truck wrench cannot reach, like in automobile engines, internal machinery parts, structures, heavy and petroleum industries, and in may other similar applications. This is what makes URREA impact sockets

indispensable tools in industry and automotive servicing. There are also specialized sockets, mainly for automotive servicing, to place or take off

parts like sport rim lug nuts or stripped lug nuts.


These sockets feature a strong pin fastening system that ensures the socket will not come apart from the drive or accessory, making it safe to attach them onto tools.

The sockets in this chapter are known as impact sockets because they are used with drives and accessories that act by striking, as with air and/or electric wrenches, air rathcets and air screwdrivers. URREA impact sockets and accessories:

• Include a great variety of products with more than 750 sockets and accessories.

  - Metric and Inch sizes are avaliable

  - In deep and standard versions.

  - 6, 8 or 12-points openings.

  - SAE and metric system.

  - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, and 2 1/2” drives.

• There is a great variety and selection of manually operated handles and accesories.

• They are grouped and combined in more than 30 different sets on convenient clip and rail organizers, facilitating their transport and organization.

• They are manufactured with high-quality micro-alloy steel, cold, warm or hot-forged, depending on the size. They are precision-machined and thermal-treated to offer you the best combination of stregth, resilience, and endurance to torsion.

• The socket openings feature the SUPER DRIVE® design that makes them even more resistant.

• All URREA impact sockets feature a resistant phosphatized finish. In case of FOD (Foreign Object Damage) applications, it is recommended to use sockets with a phosphatized finish to prevent the shedding or flaking of coating particles.

• The quality image of these products is reinforced by showing an indelibl and permanent mark with the country of origin. This mark meets ASME / ANSI norms, as well as rules established by the federal Trade Commission in the United States.

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