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High Precision Tooling/ Parts




We will providing customers with high-precision total solutions. No matter your manufacturing challenge, OSC Perkasa will provide you with world class precision solutions to help simplify your supply chain issues.


We are able to service you by offering a broad range of capabilities focused on supporting your supply chain requirements such as:

  • Customized Parts/Tools

  • Part and tooling simulation with the most advance software applications

  • Prototype stamping of connector components

  • Progressive tool and die design and build

  • Low to high volume production stamping

  • Reel to reel plating of parts or pre-plated strip

  • Precision assembly of your connector housings


We specialize in making custom parts antique, discontinued parts, auto, machine, all applications etc. Our precision manufacturing solutions can also provide you with the best quality for producing bandolier pins, stamped and formed connectors, compliant pins, action pins and terminals.


High presision tooling widely use for design and fabrication, Trim and Form Nozzle, Parts for Jig & Fixture, Mechanical Components for Electronic, Automative, Semiconductor Manufacturing and others industrial.

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