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Industrial Ladder Fabrication



We fabricate the railings for spiral staircases in many different designs, and we can adapt the product to match your needs. Not only do we have standard railings with balusters only, railings with intermediate rails, railings with hoops and railings with round bar, but also raised railings and railings with sheet metals or crenelated mesh. Our design and service with dimension, drawing and designing of your spiral staircase.

OSC Stairs are professionally  Engineered to meet Customers and safety requirements.  OSC Designs Stairs are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications including mezzanines, loading  docks, work platforms, conveyor crossovers, fire exits, construction trailers, storage trailers, in-plant offices  including elevated work areas.



We can fabricate vertical ladders that are designed with cages or without cages. Ladders are used to access mezzanines as a secondary access, catwalks and maintenance areas.  This ladders are also used as roof access for single to second level office buildings.



Custom designed to meet your needs

These products are designed under the supervision of Professional Engineers to assure you will get a product designed to meet your specific needs – and will meet or exceed all code and safety requirements. Contact us for specific lead times


• Pivot Gate

• Sliding Gate

• Swing Gates

• Canopies offices facility

• Pipe Rack for warehouse facility

• Square tube handrails

• Fabrication workshop Round Handrails

• Offshore Guardrail/Handrail

• Safety gates system



safety gates system
stair for manufacturing
stair for Platform
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