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Drum Handling Equipment

The product allows one person to lift, transport, and dispense fully loaded 55 gallon steel drums with ease. It features a manual foot pump hydraulic lift and rolls on 5" rear swivel casters and 8" front rigid wheels. There is a hand crank on the 60" model and chain rotation on the other models to rotate the drum 360°. All models feature a lifting boom attachment, which stores on the outriggers.

Optional power units available. See our products options to handle plastic and fiber drums

  • Drum Crushers/Compactors

  • Drum Positioners

  • Hydraulic Drum Dumpers

  • Drum Carriers/Rotators

  • Fork Mounted Drum Lifters

  • Drum Grippers

  • Drum Transporters and Trucks

  • Drum Carts

  • Retention Basins & Containers

  • Overhead Drum Lifters

  • Dollies for Drums & Pails

  • Drums, Liners, and Covers

  • Drum Deheaders, Wrenches, Sockets, Faucets, and Pumps

  • Cylinder Equipment

  • Pail Equipment, Pails, and Bottles

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