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Photoelectricity Sensor.jpg

OMRON Photoelectricity sensor E3Z-LS

Work color and background suppression reflective sensor. Reflection of triangulation not affected by color.
Even minute level detection is possible. Easy positioning using the clear spot, even with LEDs (E3Z-LS□3/LS□8 types)

keyence lv.jpg



Digital Laser Optic Sensors LV Series

Dual digital display80 μs high-speed mode16-bit high-precision, high power

Two independent outputs

baumer CFDK 25G1125KS35LN5.jpg

BAUMER Object detection

CFDK 25G1125/KS35LN5

Proximity sensors with

voltage supply range +Vs10 ... 30 VDC

Current consumption max. (no load)15 mA

Output function active high

color mark.jpg

OMRON Color Mark Photoelectric Sensor


High color mark detection capacity for any packaging materials. It can stably detect even work pieces with large inclination using the narrow light beam and large lens
Copes well with subtle color differences
Copes well with glossy work pieces
IoT Compatible

keyence FW-V20P.jpg


The FW Series easily detects metal, glass, liquid level or other targets that have been difficult to detect with reflective-type photoelectric sensors. Also, the detection are not influenced by the color, pattern, or luster of the target surface.

baumer distance.jpg


Measuring distance Sd50 ... 400 mm

Special type hygienic design

Adjustment IO-Link

Teach-in range min.> 20 mm

Power on indication

LED green


OMRON IoT Pressure Sensor (E8PC)

· Multi-sensing of "pressure + temperature" to prevent sudden stops or manufacturing defects
· Various adapters are available to enable easy replacement of your current pressure gauges and flow meters

baumer OXE7.E25T-11174280.jpg

BAUMER Photoelectric sensors


Version PosCon OXE7 - for very dark objects

Measuring range (width)75 ... 125 mm

Measuring range (distance)150 ... 250 mm

Measuring frequency90 ... 250 Hz

Resolution30... 50μm

Repeat accuracy± 10 μm

baumer Process.jpg



Flush membrane with 3-A sanitary standards (FDA-compliant) and EHEDG

Resistant to all common CIP cleaning media and SIP-capable (150 °Cmax, < 30 min)

Versions available for high media temperatures (200 °C

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